Sensoross Dental Gel (100gm)

120.00 inc. GST.

  • Promotes reduction and prevention of dental hypersensitivity



120.00 inc. GST.

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Sensoross Dental Gel helps rebuild enamel strength for healthy & strong teeth. Active ingredients in Sensoross are clinically proven to reduce painful dental sensitivity & Fluoride in this dental gel helps in dental cavity prevention. This Dental gel is great for gums and protects the teeth from all sorts of contact related sensitivity like heat, cold, sweetness, and acid. Sensoross gives the mouth a fresh and clean feeling.


  • potassium nitrate 5% w/w + sodium monofluorophosphate i.p. 0.70% w/w;
  • available fluoride content 917 ppm when packed;
  • ingredients: sorbitol 70% i.p.,
  • precipitated silica, abrasive silica,
  • polyethylene glycol 400 ip/usp,
  • glycerine i.p.,
  • saccharine sodium i.p.,
  • sodium benzoate i.p.,
  • xanthan gum i.p.,
  • menthol i.p.,
  • spearmint oil,
  • colour brilliant blue,
  • sodium lauryl sulphate 30%,
  • cool strips

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